Let go of the sheep and embrace the lion in you

Attain to the place where no one and no thing can disturb you, where you'll find constant happiness with no sorrow.

What is the 'Power of Quiet?'

It's a step-by-step technique for quickly putting your mind and body "into stillness"
— and accessing your joyful, spontaneous, creative state of Being.


What People Are Saying

Had a $50,000 money gain without doing any work for it.

I used to avoid taking personal responsibility like the plague and in doing so I used to listen to my mind and beat myself up and in a twisted way I started associating personal responsibility with feeling defeated and beating myself up.

I am now EXPERIENCING how empowering it is to take personal responsibility and it really does put me back in the driver’s seat. I am letting go of beating myself a lot more. This is probably one of the biggest gains I have had.

Since taking the course, I noticed the following gains:

– extremely reduced Back pain
– 50% income increase with one client
– witnessing more what I’m creating and the ability to directly reverse or accept
– higher ability to handle my feelings appropriately
– more clarity of why things are actually the way they are

Your assistance before my surgery was immensely helpful and the surgery was a breeze, and very successful. While still stiff, I can walk with more comfort and am able to snowshoe and add back some of my activities.

I know that this work made all the difference and the entire experience was very loving; everyone was so supportive with meals, flowers, cards etc. that I really saw my abundance in giving and receiving love. A very big thank you for nudging us along to see our abundance.

Financial gains; The beginning of the year is when much of my income is received. Today I got a check for $13,500 that was unexpected.

One of my goals was to sell our waterfront property in Naples, Fl and indeed it sold early last summer, although for a bit less than desired.

With the non-income producing asset being converted an income producing asset, I expect my share to increase my yearly income by over $100k.

When you ask what we would do differently with abundance, I think I will have more to gift as I already have financial freedom.

Real life accounts of how quieting your mind creates a dramatic impact on your business and personal life

Business runs smoothly
Profitability increases
Business becomes FUN
Everything in life falls into place
Finding your purpose in life while succeeding in the world
Practical spirituality for the western lifestyle